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We hear each and every day from clients looking for real Debt Relief Solutions. We've developed a proven process to do exactly that. The best time to get out debt is yesterday, the second best time to start is TODAY.

Legal Relief from Your Debt...

It's time to STOP Digging your DEBT Hole deeper. We can Get You OUT of DEBT - EVEN if you've Failed in the Past. You DON'T have to be Stuck in the Never Ending Cycle of Debt. If you've Given up ALL Hope or you're just SICK and TIRED of the Endless Payments - Costs - Fees & the Burden of Debt that will go on FOREVER. Good News, We can HELP! 

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"You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you. *quote by Dave Ramsy." We can help with our Successful Proven Process. 

 Legal Debt Relief Solutions with a Proven Process ...

Debt Relief Legally specializes in resolving difficult debt and credit issues representing consumer as advocates. There are absolutely no fees associated with our initial assessment, our goal is to help clients understand their options. Put an end the burden and endless stress of debt that will go on forever. A debt free future is possible with our successful proven legal solutions that have worked for 1,000's of people just like you. And the best part we offer a No-Risk or No-Obligation evaluation to see if you qualify for the program. Click Here or Call (855) 971-1619 Now!

"Most every one regrets getting into Debt – NO ONE REGRETS GETTING OUT!"

About Our Organization...

Our Debt Relief Services

The path to becoming debt free. By leveraging our clients business and consumer rights over the last 6+ years, we've developed a complete set of successful proven legal options to achieve real debt relief success consistently.

Debt Validation Services - Interest Rate Reduction Services - Debt Consolidation Services - Debt Management Services - Bankruptcy Services - Credit Repair Services

Our Professional Team

When our clients hire us for debt relief services, they get an entire team of TOP Notch Professionals (Attornerys, Directors, Case Managers, Assistants, Case Analysts, Customer Service Representives, Administrators, Credit Experts & more)... Helping you counter the deceitful sales tactics and tricks used in the lending industry that are used to lock in unsuspecting customers into a longterm commitment.

Our Nashville, TN Location

Debt Relief Legally is a debt consumer rights and legal advocacy group with our corporate headquarters located in Nashville, TN. Our organization serves the debt relief, credit / debt restoration and credit repair needs across the entire country. We continue to expand our staff by adding legal professionals and consumer rights specialists on an onging basis to keep up with the demand. 

100% Satisfaction Promise

Offering complete peace of mind with our NO Risk 100% Money Back PROMISE! If we're not successful. Call (855) 971-1619

5-Star Rated

We're proud of our 5-Star rating awarded us by our happy satisfied clients. We've been in business for 6+ years and have 1,000's of successful debt relief cases. We let our customers speak to our success and help spread the word to owners looking to regain the Financial Debt Freedom with our portfollio of proven debt relief services. Call (855) 971-1619 for a FAST Easy Quote.

No Money Out of Pocket

Because of the large volume of debt relief cases we preform, the large number of customer referrals and our 6+ years in the industry it enables us to offer the absolute LOWEST fees & terms in the industry. Call (855) 971-1619 for a FAST Easy Quote.

As a Leader and Pioneer in the (Debt Relief) Industry we Can HELP! 

  • Fair Credit Laws & Regulations

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law that regulates credit reporting agencies and compels them to insure the information they gather and distribute is a fair and accurate summary of a consumer's credit history. ... The law is intended to protect consumers from misinformation being used against them

 - > Nobody does it FASTER! 

  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act

The Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) is a United States law (codified at 15 U.S.C. § 1691 et seq.), enacted 28 October 1974, that makes it unlawful for any creditor to discriminate against any applicant, with respect to any aspect of a credit transaction, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, ...

  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation's consumer protection agency, enforces the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which prohibits debt collectors from using abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices to collect from you.

- >>Nobody does it BETTER!

  • Truth in Lending Act 

The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) of 1968 is United States federal law designed to promote the informed use of consumer credit, by requiring disclosures about its terms and cost to standardize the manner in which costs associated with borrowing are calculated and disclosed.

- > Nobody does it for LESS Money!


What Our Clients Have to Say...

"I am writing this letter to let everyone know how much I appreciated TriStar in eliminating my credit card debt of over $40,000. When I did not know where to turn they came through for me with helpful and professional staff. I had one last company that was coming after me for the amount of $7,500 and they negotiated that amount down to $640. I believe that in itself is amazing. Just cannot say enough good about this company, I will tell anyone who is in trouble with debt to please seek out this company. They will be completely amazed and satisfied." * (results may vary)

Mary H.

"My credit started out in the mid 400's. I then entered into the debt validation program with TriStar. I will admit I was skeptical at first, but I needed real help. It's wasn't long before my credit score started moving up. Around 12 month latter my score now over 700. My life is much easier because of the program I decided to take a chance on. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for help with their credit." * (results may vary)

K. Martin

"TriStar helped my fix my debt issues. I had almost $20,000 in debt that I no longer worried about thanks to TriStar. I'm glad I decided to work with them." * (results may vary)

Jarad D.

We've Developed a Successful - Proven System for your Debt Relief - it's Legal, Fast & Forever!

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It's Simple, if we're not Successful with your Debt Relief or Credit Restoration - There's NO COST to You. No Worries.

What do You Have to Lose? Our Service Comes With A 100% Satisfaction Promise!

"Debt Relief Legally" promises that after retaining our services, you will be successful in obtaining Debt Relief or Credit Restoration. If we are not successful and you're not 100% satisfied after going through our entire process, we'll refund all monies paid. This will be spelled out in additional detail in our written service agreement from the start. It's iron clad - black & white - with no small print - no questions asked. 

Disclaimer: You are hiring a company that has attorneys on staff. Our company may or may not be representing you as attorneys. You are hiring our company based upon its knowledge and experience in the debt relief and credit restoration industry. Your decision to hire our company is an important decision. If there is any additional information that you require, please do not hesitate to inquire and we will be happy to assist you.

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