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It's time to STOP Wasting your hard earned Money on a Timeshare you NEVER even use. We can Get You OUT - EVEN if you still have a mortgage or you're just SICK and TIRED of the Endless Payments - Costs - Fees & the Burden of ownership that will go on FOREVER. 

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"Timeshares are Like Boats... Your two happiest days are the day you buy one, and the day you get rid of it." They're a LIABILITY not an ASSET. If you're serious about getting out of your timeshare, we can help. It's a Proven System with 100% GUARANTEED Results. 

END Your Ownership Nightmare Legally & Fast...

Helping Timeshare Owners, is a 5-Star rated Timeshare assistance company that specializes in Helping Timeshare Owners resolve difficult situations such as timeshare cancellation, fraud assistance and protection, and timeshare industry awareness.There are absolutely no fees associated with our initial assessment, our goal is to help Timeshare consumers understand their options. We help owners who have been lied to, misled, or coerced into a Timeshare contract.

"Most every owner regrets buying a timeshare – NO ONE REGRETS GETTING OUT!"

About Our Organization...

Meet Founder Billy Howell

I was introduced to this industry in 2009, now 8+ years later, Helping Timeshare Owners, has helped thousands of clients with their individual timeshare circumstances, with a success rate of over 93%. We have maintained our “A+” highest satisfaction service rating on the top consumer review agencies by our clients. This is one of the things I’m most proud of.

Our Professional Team

When our clients hire us for timeshare cancellation services, they get an entire team of TOP Notch Professionals (Attorneys, Directors, Case Managers, Assistants, Case Analysts, Customer Service Representives, Administrators, Timeshare Experts & more)... Helping you counter the deceitful sales tactics and tricks used in the timeshare industry that are used to lock in unsuspecting vacationers into lifetime commitment.

Our Nashville TN Location

Helping Timeshare Owners is the largest timeshare consumer advocacy group in the world. Our Orlando HQ advocate organization continues to expand, now with affiliates in Canada and Mexico and in 2016 we saw record growth, tripling our staff and expanding new offices to, Dallas, Nevada, and South Carolina. Between corporate offices and affiliates, Helping Timeshare Owners has 17 locations.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Offering complete peace of mind with our NO Risk 100% Money Back GUARANTEE! If we can't Get You OUT. Call (855) 288-7225

5-Star Rating

We're proud of our 5-Star rating with both Google & Facebook. We've been in business for 8+ years and have 1,000's of successful timeshare cancellations. We let our customers speak to our success and help spread the word to other timeshare owners looking to regain the Freedom. Call (855) 288-7225 for a FAST Easy Quote. You're NEXT.

Best Price Match Guarantee

Because of the large volume of timeshare cancellations we preform, large number of customer referrals and our 8+ years in the industry it enables us to offer the absolute LOWEST fees in the industry. Call (855) 288-7225 for a FAST Easy Quote.

As a Leader and Pioneer in the (Timeshare Cancellation) Industry we Can HELP! 

  • Timeshare Mortgage Cancellation


 - > Nobody does it FASTER! 

  • Timeshare Deed Liquidation

  - > Nobody does it BETTER!

  • Timeshare Attorney Cancellation 

  - > Nobody does it for LESS Money!


What Our Clients Have to Say...

"Here come the Calvary, Helping Timeshare Owners, the gave us a run down of what they could do for us, and expressed in their opinion a reasonable time in which to arrive at a favorable decision. We got to work with Jeff, and Dianna Jones. Who became our God Send, she spent much time with us, constantly ensuring us, and always ready to assist in anyway she could, in December of 2012 we got a letter from Wyndham dropping all charges. What a great bunch of people, who are willing to help those in trouble." * (results may vary)

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Wentworth

"To Whom it may Concern. We started working with Helping Timeshare Owners, in April of 2012. Diana Jones is our case manager, has been there for us step by step, solving our Wyndam timeshare. She has always been available when I had a question, very helpful, kind and professional. I would recommend her to anyone." * (results may vary)

Frank & Vonda

"With the direction provided by (Helping Timeshare Owners), I was able to get out of my timeshare and also received a partial refund of the money I had put into the venture." * (results may vary)

Dick Mayer

We've Developed a 100% Guaranteed - Proven System to GET YOU OUT - it's Affordable, Fast & Forever!

Click the button below to get help you with your personial timeshare ownership situation. Even if you just have a question we're happy to assist.  

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It's Simple, if your Timeshare is NOT Canceled - There's NO COST to You. No Worries.

What do You Have to Lose? Our Service Comes With A 100% NO RISK Money-Back Guarantee!

"Helping Timeshare Owners" guarantees that after retaining our services, you will achieve a cancellation of your timeshare contract. If you are not released from your timeshare contract after going through our process, we'll refund all monies paid. It's iron clad - black & white - with no small print - no questions asked. 

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